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FIRELINE Nutrition is one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world. If you gained access to this page that means we’ve looked at your IG, and loved what we saw. Here at FIRELINE we are constantly browsing IG looking for Athletes that live a fit lifestyle. You live that lifestyle and obviously have learned the power and influence of social media.  You are exactly what we look for and we want to invite you to join the @FIRELINE_STRONG Team as a Brand Athlete.

By choosing to become a Brand Athlete you will have the opportunity to be one of the faces of our brand, as well as an essential part of our movement to encourage others to improve and achieve their own goals. Also, as a brand athlete we would use your images, content, and training tips in our digital and print media; including social media, web graphics, and promotional assets.

We want you to become a Brand Athlete, Here’s How:


  • Choose the package that you want to rep and the use the code that correlates with each package to receive your team only discount. For this FLOW Package. Enter code “FLOW” into the discount code box at checkout.
  • Why is this not free? – We are looking for the best talent possible. We are offering these packages at our cost in hope to find great Brand Athletes. A great Brand Athletes is one who can increase or bring awareness to the FIRELINE brand & continue to increase their personal social media influence. We ship real product, not fake sample sets like other brands. We want our athletes to have Premium goods to represent.
  • We review Athlete profile’s monthly, and those who achieve these goals, will be given full sponsorships, including reimbursement of initial gear


  1. After your Team purchase you will receive an Athlete Confirmation Number, located in the Order Confirmation email. Forward that to us, along with your personal code of choice. (Example – Code: GETBIG1989)
  2. Another benefit of being a Team Athlete, you will receive 50% off everything you order after your initial Team package order. 

Register to get Personal URL

You will also earn 25% commissions for every order placed through your unique FIRELINE Athlete URL (Web Address)


  • Register on the home page. Simply click the athletes account tab and then the Register tab.
  • Post this URL in all social media accounts and/or bios, along with your personal code



Here at FIRELINE we want to make a difference in the fitness world, and with Brand Athletes like yourself, we know it can be done. By tagging us in your posts using @fireline_strong,  we can track your progress, increase your reach, and level up your sponsorship.

We look forward to hearing back from you. As soon as you order, email me a

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