Becoming a Brand Athlete

Welcome to our exclusive brand athlete page!

  • Click here to view: TEAM EXCLUSIVE PACKAGES
  • Choose the package that you want to rep and then use the code that correlates with each package to receive your team only discount of 40% (e.g. Flow Package = Flow)

Why is this sponsorship not free? – We are looking for the best talent possible. We are offering these packages at our cost in hope to find great Brand Athletes. A great Brand Athlete is one who can increase or bring awareness to the Fireline brand & continue to increase their personal social media influence.

  • We review Athlete profiles monthly, and those who achieve these goals will be given full sponsorship’s, including reimbursement of initial gear
    • After your team purchase, you will receive an order number, located in the order confirmation email. Forward that to us at, along with your personal code of choice. (Example – Code: GETBIG1989)
    • Another benefit of being a Team Athlete, you will receive 30% off everything you order with the team exclusive “Team30” discount code. (Remember “Flow” & others are 40% off packages, “Team30” is 30% off all other gear)


Register to get your Personal Web Page

You will also earn 20% commissions for every order placed through your unique Fireline Athlete hyperlink (Web Address)

  • Register the link here: ATHLETE REGISTRATION
  • Post your hyperlink in all social media accounts and/or bios, along with your personal code. Example (Fireline URL: Code: GETBIG1989)
  • The personal code will give your followers 10% off

Here at Fireline Strong, we want to make a difference in the fitness world, and with Brand Athletes like yourself, we know it can be done. By tagging us in your posts using @fireline_strong,  #seekGLORY #GAINSbyfire #livefreedieSTRONG, #NEVERSURRENDER, we can track your progress, increase your reach, and level up your sponsorship.