Athlete of the Month

18 Jul


FIRELINE- How did you get into competitive bodybuilding? What brought out the BEAST in you?


My friend that I played softball with at NDSU decided to do a show and I always loved lifting. I missed being competitive in a sport and figured it would fit perfectly! Now I have fallen in love with the sport and couldn’t imagine not doing it!


FIRELINE-  I feel you! A lot of people mock us when we call it a sport, but it truly is. I played D1 Basketball and after my college career ended I was lost. Then I hit the GYM world and was fitness modling by 22 years old! I haven’t looked back! I LOVE this sport. So, What advice would you give our readers who are just starting out and really want to hit the ground running!? I follow all of your posts and love seeing you recipes and macro friendly cheesecakes! What is the best advice you can give on Diet/training/supplementing that some one told you or that you learned for yourself throughout your journey to become the bodybuilder you are today?


I have gone through the miserable preps you hear about: 2 hours of cardio daily, eating only fish, veggies and chicken, blah, blah, blah. That’s what it was, HELL!!! I didn’t even know I would compete after my first show. That type of training is not sustainable. I’ve found my new coach, Adam Atkinson(@seeyoulaterleaner) who has opened my eyes to a new style of training and I could not be more thankful. We follow a flexible dieting approach and a HIIT cardio regiment. I can eat what I want and when I want as long as it fits my numbers. My advice would be to do your research people! Do not use the first coach that you hear of. Look at their track record. Get to know them. Do they have your best interest in mind? If you do not, you may be putting your health and sanity in serious danger!
FIRELINE- Amazing advice! I started to follow him once you joined the squad, his posts and comparisons on different foods is pretty awesome! I would love to see what he could do with my diet, I follow a IIFYM/strict clean eating combo type plan. LOL..that sounds crazy but Its what I can stick to and keep my GAINS and my sanity. HIIT is awesome too, those long hours on the treadmill are the worst. So, What do you do for fun outside of the GYM Walls.. What else is there to life besides GAINS!?
I have my husband, Tyler Steen, and my dog, Yadi. They are everything. We like to go on bike rides and ride 4 wheelers at the farm. I also coach softball. I grew up playing and went to NDSU for 4 years playing there as well.


FIRELINE- Awesome, coaching, hubbby and a pup, sounds like life is good! Alright, time for some Fun, what is your go to Favorite cheat meal?
I don’t like the word “cheat meal.” It associates a negativity towards food. Food is fuel. There is no such thing as good or bad food. Your body only knows micro and macro nutrients. If I had to pick a tasty meal I would say peanut butter bacon burger with sweet potato fries, pizza, and DONUTS! Heck, donuts is what we had for dessert at our wedding!


FIRELINE- Interesting, I got you though. Food is fuel, macros and micros all break down into nutrients..depending on your number and daily goals there is no such thing as a cheat meal. I see what your saying, and your new physique proves it. So, what is your favorite color combo to REP at the gym besides Black and Red? If Fireline were to make a second color combo what would you want it to be??


Black,white, and orange. I live in black, white, and orange!
FIRELINE- Orange! We have never received that as an answer! Pretty cool. I would of guessed you were a SF giants fan.. but I Like it. So, Dream car? If you could own one Dream Ride, what would it be? Give us a color too!? If you arent too into cars, whats your dream vacation!?


I have a Subaru! I love it, but if I could choose, I would probably say decked out Dodge Durango. Keep it simple.
FIRELINE- Awesome, those new Durangos are clean! If I was to look inside your fridge right now, what would I find? What do you do to keep that LEANNNN Physique? 


Egg beaters, turkey bacon, chicken, protein cheesecake, simply potatoes hashbrowns, and whip cream are ALWAYS in the fridge! Of course the meat as well, but that’s a given!


FIRELINE- I love those pics of those cheesecakes!! Especially the Fruity Pebbles one! I literally screen shot those ingredients and am going to make that soon! Who do you look up to most in the bodybuilding world?


I have always admired Justine Munro and Narmin Assria.



FIRELINE- Ballers! We havent had those two chosen this is a first..MUCH RESPECT!


LAST Question!! 


What is your Number One Fitness Goal for you to achieve in your Fitness Career Now that you have FIRELINE Nutrition in your corner?


I am going for my pro card this year at Team U nationals. Making it to Olympia is a dream I want to pursue, but I want to be an all around athlete. I want to be lean like a body builder, strong as a power lifter, and as athletic as a crossfitter. 


FIRELINE- We love it! We know you will!! I think you actually already have become that all around athlete! Your transformation has been unbelievable! Keep making those GAINS and we cannot wait to see what your future holds!!